Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week Two: The Outdoors

Kathabela tending the Poetry Garden at Caltech

Feb 8 (4 on a hike)

lured off-trail
by whispers...
secret waterfall

mountain hike
I walk while I write
on the edge

first creek crossing
on the easy trail

like a mountain goat
is it a compliment hiking style

Feb 9&10 (3 glaciers & a garden)

Feb 10 (garden)

thinking out loud
a garden
on her head

Feb 9 (glacier)

still blooming
on the edge
glacier lily

glacier bear
even in my dreams
your blue fur

drifting snow
mountains ahead seem to glide
towards me
Feb 11 (4 in the woods)

lost in the woods
the scent of evergreen
on abandoned paths

our walk ...eyes closed
in the rainy woods
rising warmth

first blush
on our hike in the woods
one red leaf

climbing before us
on our slow woodland climb
stair-step moss *

*It is possible to estimate the age of a plant by counting the steps - a new level being produced

each year.

Feb 12 (4 for the river)

playing with marbles from Carrara
...Tuscan river

windswept islands
of the Susquehanna
how you left us

our warmth
along the river

ship in a bottle
my paper boat
of words

Feb 13 (4 in the shade)

up shady lane
even the trees
hold hands

why open my eyes
to find the shade

painting the sky
with hummingbirds
shady botttlebrush

monuments to shade
old stone benches
placed just so

Feb 14 (4 harbored)

white beach stone
shaped like a sail...
my pocket harbor

scattering ash
in sight of the harbor
last white bone

Philadelphia harbor
face of Dali falling down
the museum steps

two ships
just built at harbor
we take sail

Harbor on the Adriatic Sea, Trieste. View from our nightly dinner place during the conference, 2012

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